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Summer in Rochester

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 26 July 2011. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Vacation / Break

Summer in Rochester is one of those fantastic things that few people at RIT get to enjoy. My first summer after freshman year, I spent some time back up here for the College & Careers program for admissions and LOVED it. I mean, Rochester is nice other times during the year (ie. fall). And I did move up north for the snow, so no complaints there. But there is just something about the big blue skies (and no homework) that make summers extra nice.


This is the third summer that i’ve spent time here so far. Apparently I like to piece my summers together because this is also the third summer that I can’t seem to stay in the same state for very long. After spring quarter ended, I headed home for a little bit to see my family & my baby sister (well she’s taller than me, so...) graduate from high school. During the time there I worked on some design projects, caught up on sleep (spring quarter was stressful!) and traveled a bit (New Jersey, NYC, Chicago and Wisconsin).

Early July I found myself back in Rochester just in time to start my internship at a web design/development company called We Make Nice Websites. I’m splitting my time between working downtown there and here at the admissions office. And freelancing at night! I’m convinced that this busy schedule over the last two months of summer will make fall quarter seem like a breeze. Good thinking?

Outside of work, I have done my fair share of exploring around Rochester:

Biking & walking along the canal.



You can technically get to the Erie Canal from campus but I much prefer driving down to Pittsford, NY and hopping on there. It’s a really cute little town along the canal with lots of little shops & restaurants. I’ve found myself down there at least once or twice a week since I’ve been back to Rochester. So nice!


Checking out food places around town... Like Dogtown, which is a hot dog place that ranks one of the highest vegetarian places in Rochester. And it is! Definitely worth a visit. And John’s Tex Mex down in South Wedge (one of my favorite neighborhoods in downtown Rochester). 

And last but not least.. the public market! By far the best reason to wake up early on a Saturday morning. I think i’ve already been about 5 times this summer.


My roommate and I have been going there Saturday mornings to get coffee & breakfast and then walking around for a few hours just looking at everything! The produce is ridiculously cheap & delicious. Planning on heading back this Saturday! =)