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Summer Updates!

Nirav Sanghvi on Wednesday, 29 July 2015. Posted in Student Life

Happy and warm summer to everyone! Unlike few of my previous blogs, this blog is really for everyone who is interested about summertime in Rochester. It's just 3 weeks until the new semester starts and I feel like this is the perfect time for me to share about my experience here in Rochester this summer.

Usually my blogs are rather structured and formatted but today I would like to just talk in free form and this post will be a little briefer.

So most of summer, so far, has been dedicated to student ambassadoring (is that a word?) for the undergraduate admissions office. This job comes with a lot of fun and exciting things to do; for example, participating in fun activities and events hosted by the office such as international counselors day and College & Careers. I also recently got certified as a tour guide and it is still just as exciting as it was when I first wanted to become one! There are a lot of us here during the summer and while most of them just joined the staff in May, some of us started earlier this year, like myself. One of the admissions event during summer (College & Careers) meant a 15-hour workday for the ambassador staff! It may sound like a lot, but working with other student ambassadors involved horsing around (in a fun way), playing heads up during lunch breaks, and dancing till we're exhausted but also included working late, covering each other's tour shifts, and helping other ambassadors with their assigned roles. No matter how tiring it  can be, we look forward to these events and work for each other as if we are family.

Apart from work, I have been longboarding quite a lot this summer and trying to take it to the next level by buying some equipment so that I can longboard for more than a mile. I have been going to the park and practicing so I can become better at it. I'm also thinking of recording my longboard sessions with a borrowed GoPro camera because something more exciting than going on a breezy longboard ride is to be able to record it as well. So far I'm really enjoying longboarding and will continue doing it as long as this weather lasts.

I'm also self teaching myself programming language Javascript and learning web development tools such as: Wordpress, Joomla, and Adobe Illustration. As I enter my senior year, my experience really relies on how often I practice and utilize these tools and skills. This is also important because a lot of the opportunities for New Media Marketing students requires us to constantly work with these tools.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to my friend and previous roommate who recently graduated from Saunders College of Business and is traveling to Singapore to work full time with KPMG. This also means I have to find a new house and new roommates. Exciting times!