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Brian Lopipero on Monday, 28 May 2007. Posted in Co-op, Student Life

It's finally here, summer vacation.  Of course it is great to be done with classes, but I miss RIT.  I miss working at admissions, i miss javas, and I really really miss all my friends.  It's tough living with people for so long and getting so close to them, because you expect them to just be around all the time.  Now that it is summer they're all gone.  Thankfully most of them are in Rochester so I can go and visit.  

Of course i have summer plans of my own that i need to be home for.  This summer im working as an electrical engingeer at a company here in syracuse, and I'm also working at Syracuse University.  All this work should keep me busy and hopefully make the summer go by fast.

p.s. eventhough im not at admissions i will continue to write!!!