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Summertime in September

Emily Okey on Friday, 24 September 2010.

The general thought is that it snows from October to April/May in Rochester (don't let this scare you, usually October and April snows are little and more rare but still.

I woke up this morning expecting to throw on a sweatshirt and jeans because it's been a little cool lately.. only to find that it is NINETY degrees outside. Okay, well more like 79 when I woke up but headed to 90. It feels like summertime all over again! 

This can also serve as another construction update because they're getting closer and closer to finished everyday!

Here's a view from the top end of one of the bike paths. That is the Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences on the right.


Below is part of the Innovation Center looking down towards Global Village and the new courtyard.

The umbrellas are part of the new outdoor eating area around the Salsarita's that just opened in Global Village. I went there last week-- it was pretty tasty!

And finally a little bit more of the bike path around the Innovation center. To the left there is going to be a quad like area with a rock wall much like Kodak Quad. I unfortunately didn't get very good pictures of that yet because there were too many construction fences around. 


I can't wait for it to all finally be finished!