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Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 22 June 2007. Posted in Student Life

this is kind of a girly entry.

i got my hair cut today. i know for most people that is such a routine once-a-month thing but i am SUCH A FREAK about getting my hair cut.

i have really really curly hair. i had pretty much no control over it until the end of my freshman year in high school. basically i just walked around looking like a giant poof-ball. one problem was i always tried to get popular hair cuts like my friends had but those just don't work with my hair. like bangs. bangs do NOT work with my hair.

before i started high school, i decided to grow my hair out and donate it to locks of love. my original plan was to cut it the night before graduation. i kept getting regular trims but one hairdresser cut a lot more off than a trim, so i had to wait another year. i cut at the end of last august and i wound up cutting of 16 inches. that was a huge change for me. i freaked out so much about it being short i refused to wear it curly until like february.

my hair has grown a lot since august and it def needed a trim. today was my first trim since i got the big cut. there's only one hair dresser i trust so i had to wait until i got back home. luckily my hair came out fine but idiot me drove home with the windows open so its a tad large now.

you females out there totally know what i'm talking about, right?

okay and now i really need to stop watching makes me want to renovate my townhouse. which obv isn't happening.