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Alix Williams on Thursday, 01 August 2013. Posted in Community Service, Labs, Research

Hey all you Tigers interested in undergraduate research -- the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is a great option if you're looking to stay in the area!If your project is approved, you could be awarded a grant to do research here at RIT (could be as much as $3000!!!!).

This summer I am working with a PA professor, John Oliphant, on what we call The Haiti Clinic Electronic Medical Records Project. We are working with Restore Haiti, a child sponsorship program in Jacmel, Haiti on a big-picture project of building a new medical clinic and ultimately improving health care in the region (

The part of the project Professor Oliphant and I are working on is specifically about developing an electronic medical records system (EMR) for their clinic. We think our new EMR will be a huge improvement because it will be much more organized and efficient than the paper system the clinic currently uses. 

I have been researching different commercial and free EMR systems that already exist, as well as options for creating one from scratch. It's no secret that I'm not exactly a computer whiz so this has all been a challenge for me - on the bright side, it's giving me good insight into different types of EMR systems that are used in hospitals and clinics all over the world (I'll be using them every day in just 3 short years!). I have also been looking into what the World Health Organization has to say on the subject -- we are certainly not the first people to have thought of this and there are tons of great resources out there from others who have tried!

Up next is the Undergraduate Research Symposium where I will get to present either a poster or an oral presentation on my project! So, look out for my next post as I get ready to present my research =]