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Surviving the Production Photography Course…So Far

Lauren Szigetvari on Thursday, 10 March 2016. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors, The Arts


This semester, my best friend, Mary, and I decided to take Production Photography with Clay Patrick McBride. In this class, we take about everything that would go into a photo shoot. I would highly recommend taking this class if you are in the photo program. What I have noticed is that now classes intertwine with each other, so everything I learn in this class will be insanely beneficial to my Advertising Photo II class when we have the famous group project. 

For our very first project, we sat in North Light Studio and whatever table we sat at was our group! I had 4 other people in my group, including an exchange student from Germany. We had to choose either hot, cold, wet, or dry to be the overall theme. My team chose cold and we did an ad for Canada Goose jackets (which are so useful and amazing up here in Rochester in the winter). We had so many obstacles to go through to get this shoot done: we needed snow (which we didn’t have at the moment, I know practically impossible in Rochester), models, the jacket, and a lighting set up. The easiest part was definitely getting the jacket and models, and the hardest part was finding the location. 

We ended up thinking a salt shelter, which is where they store all the salt for the roads, would be the best option and it was. Looks almost exactly like snow or the moon, whichever you choose. I brought the company we used donuts twice as a gesture to thank them for letting us shoot there. But, always remember to feed your crew! We did two shoots, one test shoot and one final shoot. This is the most helpful thing in the world because you get feedback from your professor and it saves so much time when you have to set up during the final shoot.  We did both shoots and our professor liked them a lot! Once we did our final shoot all we had to do was print and submit. During critique, I would say we definitely had the best picture. It was one that was easily readable and would be used as a real ad in the “real world.” 

Overall, this assignment couldn't have happened without the help of the 4th-floor cage. All the equipment we used is available at the 4th-floor cage in the Gannett building! RIT gives photo students such an amazing opportunity to make big pictures and amazing portfolios!

All the equipment we used is available at the 4th-floor cage in the Gannett building!