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Take me out to the ball game

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 24 April 2007. Posted in Athletics

The past few days we have had nothing less than absolutely gorgeous weather. I've been taking full advantage of it by riding my bike around campus, jogging on the track , bbqing on the grills provided for us in the apartments, sunbathing and playing and watching softball.

The College of Science had a senior picnic at Mendon Ponds Park on Friday. They had tons of good food, drinks, frisbees and WATER BALLOONS! You would be amazed at how willing the professors were to partake in water ballon fights. In fact, they were often the ones who started them and were the ones that ended up drenched. It was sooo fun! All the professors lightened up and were just to happy to get outside and bbq and say "goodbye" to all the seniors they've had in their classes throughout the years. Arounf 6:00PM an RIT band came to play some rock and roll. At this point I had to get going, but it was a lot of fun! The professors here really do care about us and that we've having fun. Here are some pics from the COS Senior Picnic:

This next one is my favorite - my friend Kate and Dr. Buckley, her mentor who is SOAKED!cos_picnic_2.jpg cos_picnic_3.jpg

This past Sunday, after attending a College Panhellenic Council (CPC) Sweet Rewards Banquet for sorority women with a GPA over 3.0, I watched the RIT Tigers softball game. Unfortunately, they were shut out by Alfred in a double header. I also take softball as a gym class here so basically I get credit to play some ball for an hour and a half each week. We play on the beautiful turf field right beind our library. Here are some game-day pictures: