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Take Me Up to the Spirit in the Sky

Josh Kramer on Thursday, 21 January 2010. Posted in Student Life

If you have ever talked to someone about Rochester or told someone you go to/are looking into RIT, weather has probably come up as a point of discussion. Many people you talk to will refer to the intense cold, the feet of snow, and the unpredictable precipitation. While I have definitely seen some of that in my year and a half here, Rochester has its nice days.

After the Holiday Break, we got back here to a snow storm, which delayed many students' return to school. It then proceded to stay below 20º and flurry contantly for about a week and a half.

We are finally getting some warmer weather. It is about 34º right now! We have had some days with not a cloud in the sky,  including today, and some excellent sunsets. I thought that I would share with you that, hey, RIT's sky isn't always cloudy.

What did the sky look like when you visited campus for the first time? Was it nice out?

Nathaniel Rochester Hall

A beautiful sunset I saw while on a run. Taken from Wiltsie Drive.

Another shot from Wiltsie Drive at the same time.

A front approaching last night from the southwest. The Interfaith Center to the right.
Suprisingly, today's sky is cloud free.

The infinity quad this morning (before all the clouds went away).

A view of the Clark Gym. Most of our snow has melted.

I love this shot. It could even have been taken during the summer!

The tiny moon over the August Center and Student Life Center.