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Tenth Week

Arthur Johnston on Thursday, 22 February 2007. Posted in Student Life

Your siren's call has no affect
My life will stay all mine
You reach , you claw, you clutch for me
just like a creeping vine
You tempt and tease and use your wiles
A sucubus unfed
You want me to lie down with you
You are my comfy bed

What is truly funny about that poem is that I actually spoke the last line of it to my bed before getting into the shower. After I got out of the shower I had big plans to do lots of work and be super productive. Instead I went to sleep. This is actually fairly common since it is tenth week, and next week is finals week. One of the odd things about RIT is that of the last two weeks of the quarter, tenth week and finals week, tenth week is harder for most students. Finals just require studying while tenth week usually requires projects. So now that tenth week is half way over I am pretty much done for the quarter. Even if I do have 4 finals next week.