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Thanksgiving Adventures:)

Peter Dunning on Sunday, 06 December 2009. Posted in Dining, International Students, Student Life

So, for Thanksgiving I was able to go back home to Buffalo, NY for a week to visit my family.
It was a lot of fun because I brought my friend Jimmy(not his real name, just what he goes byTongue out) who is from Korea, in order for him to get a taste of a Thanksgiving in the US.  Our week went as follows:
Wake up,
Eat and then Eat some moreCool

We had sooo much food, but I did also show him around Buffalo.
We went downtown to Elmwood Street in order to see all the shops
and walk around
And then I we went to see Canada by going over the Peace Bridge.......

AND got stopped by Customs....

See I thought I had an enhanced drivers license.
Welllll I guess I didn't.
Fortunately though, they let us over the border and back to
the US after waiting a bit.

Over all Thanksgiving was a blast and I gained some weight during it!Laughing