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The Best Part of Winter Break as a College Student

Becky Drexler on Thursday, 19 January 2017. Posted in Student Life, Vacation / Break

You just finished your first semester of college. After working hard studying and giving your all during finals week, you can finally relax. Now what?

My freshman year, I was so relieved to be done with finals and so proud to be able to say, "I finished my first semester of college (#adulting)," that I didn't even realize how different winter break would be compared to high school.

The weird, and awesome, part about winter break in college is that when you finish your classes for the fall semester, you will have entirely new classes in the spring. Your break in between semesters is a true break from school (unless you want to take some extra classes to get ahead). No studying for classes, midterms, or AP's like in high school during your couple weeks off for the winter holidays. Here at RIT, I had a full month off to do whatever I wanted.

It definitely took some getting used to, having all that free time. I took advantage of sleeping in, visiting friends, and catching up on personal projects - all on my own time. To be honest, I found myself quite bored and ready to move back and start classes again by the end of it.

During winter break my sophomore year, I decided to be a little more proactive with my time. I found a job on campus and worked as many hours as I could get. I saved up enough to go on a vacation with some friends right before classes. I must admit, I did enjoy have something to keep me busy.

Winter break, and even summer break, are a great time to create your own schedule. I encourage you to take advantage of the time and enjoy it while you can. You will not get the opportunity to have so much down time in between school or work. If you can, travel! There are lots of opportunities for students to travel the world through RIT programs. I, myself, went to Italy during a break with an art history class. Some of my friends have spent the majority of this intercession in Spain with another RIT group. You can also work during this time. Make money so you can work less and still have spending money during the semester. Look for a coop or internship to get experience in the field (some majors will require a summer or two of coops). Or, maybe you just want to relax and catch up on some much needed rest. The best part of winter break is that what you do is up to you.



Here's one of the pictures from my vacation during winter break sophomore year. As you can see, it was a nice change from the winter weather.