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The Broken Part

Jon-derek Castagno on Sunday, 10 December 2006.

So today was church and we went as usually bright and early at 9 am. After church we drove around, put some more mileage on the car. We then noticed that the brake was a bit soft, so when we get back to RIT we check it out. Hot Damn! My back left brake line broke. We frantically call “G Men” father and ask what to do and how to fix it. We found out it’s a $4 dollar part and go pick it up to install our self’s. Hours past and we still can not get off this one last bolt, it appears to be super glued or something like that, we spray a crap load of WD-40 on it and still nothing works. In the end we give up and decide to call around to see how much a mechanic will cost. Everything is like 65$-75$ that is a crime, what the heck! But I am left with no options because I need to car functioning so I can get home, well cya later