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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 13 July 2006. Posted in Residence Life

my mom came home a little while ago and she had a certain home goods catalog with her. of course, the female in me grabbed it and started looking for things that would be nice in my room here, my room there, my dream home i'll have when i'm forty five...the usual girly thing. i went to the website to hunt for items that i definately need for my townhouse next year [a nice back of the door mirror for example] and i came across "the college checklist".

now, i didn't use a checklist last year. i just brought what i needed and while i did use all of it, it took four seperate trips to get it all back home. looking at the list, there are things on here that we don't even own in my house. now i know a lot of you future freshmen might be the oldest [or only] child and are relying on these checklist sort of things. don't. cause. you'll def go to school with things you don't need or worse, aren't even permitted to have! so now...presenting manda's take on a college checklist on the website of a popular home goods store.

*sheets and whatnot :: well obv you need this for your bed. but you don't need to check off sheets and comforter if you just get one of those bed in a bag sets.

*backrest :: that might be nice. but come on, be creative!! just use a bunch of your normal pillows!

*inflatable bed :: this sounds like a nice idea, for when your friends decide to make the incredibly long trek to visit you, but where are you gonna set it up once it's all inflated? and honestly, how many times are you gonna use it? i had friends visit me on three separate occaisions and i just shared a bed with them. it was a little crowded, but honestly, there was NO PLACE to put an inflatable bed.

*alarm clock :: YES!! or something else that makes noise to wake you up. mommy's not around to wake you up anymore.

*area/accent rugs :: RIT has carpeted dorms. it might not be fluffiest, softest carpet, but its better than waking up to cold tile. save the area rugs for the kids with crappy dorms.

*toss pillows and floor cushions :: no. just plain and simple. no.

*bed elevators :: one thing i am going to miss about the dorms is the amazing bed system. you can set the bed to basically any height you want. its quite nice. therefore, you don't need these!

*fan :: YES!!

*towels :: yes. obviously. bring lots too so you don't have to do just a load of two towels, or worse, throw your towels in with your regular clothes and get lint everywhere.

*bath rug :: no! you're in a dorm! you share a bathroom with who knows how many other people.

*shower caddy :: this is another YES!! trust me, you do not want to juggle everything down to the bathroom. this makes life easier.

*shower radio :: you really aren't going to spend that long in the shower, plus you'd probably piss everybody else off.

*vanity mirror :: it's called THE INCREDIBLY LARGE MIRROR THAT IS ONE WALL OF OUR BATHROOM. just use that. if you're a chick and you're hardcore into "looking pretty" get a little one and keep it in your room.

*scale :: NO! this will just make you miserable when you start gaining the freshman fifteen!

*first aid kit :: don't go overboard, but some bandaids and advil are nice to have on hand.

*flip flops :: yes. the halls are dirtyyy.

*hamper :: something sturdy, please. there's nothing sadder than watching somebody walking down the tunnels and then the straps on their laundry bag breaks. i got a small basket, that way i actually did my laundry once every week or every two weeks. if i went longer than that, i coudn't get everything in the basket.

*ironing board/iron :: no. just don't even bother. you're a college student. you are LAZY.

*portable vacuum :: there are vacuums on each floor. and guess what? me and my roommate still only vacuumed like three times all year.

i'm looking at everything on the kitchen section of the list. and just you don't need it. bring some mugs for hot chocolate, a few of those rubbermaid microwaveable bowls for making easy mac in, and a set of utensils. buy plastic plates and napkins. the end of that section.

*backpack :: this is a must!! especially to all you girls who got through high school just carrying your purse and books. not in college! you have to walk outside where it sometimes rains.

*surge protector//power strip :: the more the merrier. for real, these days there are so many things that need to be plugged in. computer, speakers, cell phone charger, battery charger, lamp, hair straightener, stereo, clock...just bring two.

*lighting :: YES!!!!!!!! most dorms only have one light in them and it's not pretty. so at least have a nice little desk lamp, maybe when you get there, you and your roommate can go floorlamp hunting.

*a comfy chair :: if you have a desktop, get a comfy computer chair. if you have a laptop get any sort of comfy chair! they are wonderful. mine has speakers in it so i can plug my ipod into it. i use it all the time. OH! bonus if they fold up so you can stuff it under your bed when you're not using it.

*accent tables :: no. there's plenty of furniture in the room. if you really feel the need for an "accent table" get like one of those three drawer rolling things from walmart.

*phone :: unless you don't have a cell phone, don't bother.

*storage boxes :: yes! they keep things wonderfully organized. i got clear ones so i could see what was inside.

now, i didn't comment on everything on that list, i just touched on a few neccesary items and things i thought were absolutely absurd.

another thing, don't bring all your clothes. for real. you won't wear them all. and they do take up a lot of room. my goal this year is to only go up to school with a duffel bag and a suitcase of clothing. before i leave, i'm going to pack the strictly winter things into a box for my parents to bring up once it starts getting cold. if it ever does this winter.

so that's my advice for now.