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The Distorter

Kevin Granger on Friday, 05 April 2013. Posted in Student Life

The Distorter is RIT’s most well-known student publication. Every year, on April 1st, they take on a new identity: The Distorter.


They take to comical covers, wacky articles, and even fake advertisements. Below we have some examples from their latest issue:


Some extreme satire on the somewhat recent developments at UC:

New Retina Scan Installed in UC


A zany fictional (I hope) story:

Hockey Player Easily Offended,Vandalizes Old Blind Woman's Home


And, uh...

Nickelback Poster

Finally, at the Distorter release party, Reporter staff gave away posters of President “Wrestler” in his sexy pose. Since President Destler regularly eats lunch in the Brick City Cafe, and is always open to students sitting and talking with him, I asked for his signature. He obliged, and called the image “a stitch.”