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The Fall of Fall

Jeff Maher on Wednesday, 15 November 2006. Posted in Clubs, Coursework, Life After RIT, Student Life

Hey Folks - I apologize for the lack of updates this quarter. I've been extremely busy and unfortunately this blog hasn't seen too much action recently.

So what have I been up to lately that kept me so busy through the fall? The answer to that is several things...

First off, my course load this quarter was extremely challenging. I'm taking Programming Skills (this quarter's the theme was C# and Design Patterns), Intro to Computer Science Theory (think the math behind software), History of Journalism, and Mass Communications. My two computer science classes were very demanding with difficult assignments due on a weekly basis, but I learned a whole lot. The Programming Skills class very quickly made me familiar with the C# programming language and I believe really helped me during my job interviews. Initially, I felt that Intro to C.S. Theory was going to be completely boring, but the professor (Joe Geigel) was really good and it actually turned out to be pretty interesting seeing where computer software originated conceptually. Mass Communications was overly simplistic and I found myself going to class just to get participation points, not because I actually wanted to be there. On the other hand, History of Journalism was a blast. Not only did I digest a wealth of information about the journalism industry, but had relevant and interesting discussions in just about every class session.

Secondly, my full time job search has (and continues) to exhaust a great deal of my time. Since the career fair, I've had an overwhelming response. I've had the opportunity to travel to nearly every corner of the United States, have three promising offers on my plate, and have met a wealth of amazing and brilliant people. It's been a really eye-opening experience and has done a lot for my self confidence. It seems like no matter which company I choose in the end, I'm going to have a comfortable and exciting post college life.

Third has been some minor administrative duties for the Outing Club. Such things never initially appear to take that long, but typically take up more time than you're willing to spend. However, it keeps the club running and it's almost always worth the time.

It's final exam week right now, and despite it being one of the the best quarters I've had, it's a relief to see the end in sight - both in terms of classes and my job search.