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The Final Blog

Patricia Schiotis on Saturday, 23 February 2013. Posted in Alumni, Student Life

It has come to the day, after nearly 5 years, where I have finished all my degree requirements, which means I am an alumni of RIT.  Today was also my last day as a Student Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions.  Before I leave RIT, I must say that this has been the best experience of my young life.  The people, the program, and the atmosphere were everything I wanted from a college campus.  I am so thankful for all the memories and experiences I have encountered as a student.   My time here has fully prepared me for my next journey in life.  I have accepted a position with Anheuser-Busch as a Group Manager, at the Baldwinsville NY plant.  Lucky for me, Baldwinsville is only about an hour from RIT and 2.5 hours from my home outside of Troy.  And before I start my job, I will be spending a week in Cancun with some of my best friends (including fellow student ambassadors Alissa and Emily), since they are on their final spring break before we all walk across the stage in May. 

If you want to read of some of my past experiences, get ready for a blog blast as I reminisce.  One time, I did have the opportunity of “Meeting Maroon 5” when they played on campus on behalf of the college activities board. It is also safe to safe I have mastered the art of “procrastinating” when I had lots of work to do.  I was once referred to as “RIT GIRL” when working out at the GE employee gym while on co-op over the summer.” I worked many "College and Careers” with the Admissions office, listened to the amazing talents of 8 Beat Measure at their annual spring concert “Chill Beats,” drank lots of “Shots in the Dark” from Javas, learned how to boulder at the “RIT Red Barn,” visited the local “Seneca Park Zoo” and spent many many hours “Studying in the Wallace Library.”  I have also officially finished my “Multidisciplinary Senior Design” project. And of course, I spent 5 days playing in the mud at “RIT Mudtug” co-hosted by my sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha. 

It would not be a solid sign off if I did not promote RIT.  If you are wondering some of the reasons I love this campus so much, I highly suggest "Pattie’s Top Ten Reasons to Choose RIT,” or if you want to flash back to a blog 3 years ago, you can read about how I “Made my College Decision.”

I would be lying if I said I would not be making "Spontaneous Trips" back to RIT.  Especially when I first move out to Syracuse, I plan on venturing back to the Rochester area as much as possible before my close friends (or spring break crew) graduate in May.  After that, who knows where my life will take me.  I plan on volunteering at Admissions events in the Syracuse area, so maybe one of you will see me there?  Wherever my life takes me, my experiences from the past 5 years will help my shape the decisions I make.