The Final Countdown

Christina Brooks on Thursday, 06 December 2012.

College applications are no fun. Lots of information, lots of box filling, and those essays -  definately not something I looked forward to back in my days as a highschool senior. However, the final countdown is quickly approaching where you need to get those college apps in. Here's some tips I found when filling them out to help you get over the college app writing hump:

-Get inspired! If it's a school you really want to go to, check out their website and get inspired. Being motivated to actually do well on the application and get in to the school will definately help push you to not only finish the app, but to do a pretty awesome job on it. RIT's website is a great place to learn more about the school! And check us out on YouTube as well to see TONS of videos that showcase the school -because trust me, there is plenty of stuff to get you inspired.

-Set Goals. Set a goal to finish an app a day, an app a week, or whatever works for you in the time you have left. Write them down, because being able to cross something off of your to-do list is extremely satisfying. So set those goals and get those applications in!

-Reward yourself. Let's be honest, you're pretty awesome. Filling out a college application is no small feat - it takes time and thought, especilly for those essays! So give yourself a pat on the back after every application and reward yourself. Go to a movie, eat ice cream, or play that video game you have been putting off because you had those applications to finish. Do whatever you want, just give yourself a sweet reward, because once you finish those applications, you're done! Now it's just the waiting game.

-Don't Procrastinate! I know, I know, the application isn't due till so and so week, but let's be real, the longer you put it off, the more you're going to think about it and have it always on your mind, and the more stressed you'll get as the due date draws closer. So do yourself a favor and get it in earlier rather than later. And who knows, maybe the sooner you get it in, the quicker you'll find out about admission! ;)

Good luck on your applicatons! Most of all, good luck on your RIT application! Because, I'm not going to lie, RIT is definately the best choice, promise!  

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