The Fitness Center

Angelina Pilarinos on Thursday, 06 June 2013. Posted in Student Life

The wellness courses at RIT are amazing, and every single time I come home for the summer I find myself longing to be back and taking wellness classes. RIT offers more than 550 wellness classes during the academic year. The classes are divided into 8 divisions: Health and Wellness Seminars, Dance, Fitness, Life Support and Safety, Lifetime Recreation and Leisure, Interactive Adventures, Martial Arts and ROTC. Some classes that I have taken are Turbo Kick, Power Sculpt, Yoga, Self Defense, Spinning, Ballroom Dancing, Core Gluts and Abs and more. These classes have been invaluable to me. Sometimes it can be hard to go to the gym on your own, I know for me I sometimes have motivation problems. But I found that if I enrolled in a wellness class I felt obliged and motivated to go to class. It’s a great workout and the classes are really fun! Taking wellness classes is also a great way to avoid the freshman 15.

When you first get to college as a first year you will quickly learn that food is everywhere! It’s hard to not gain weight with your schedules always changing, staying up late, and needing to spend your meal options so you don’t lose them by the end of the week. But RIT does offer a lot of healthy options for meals. Salad bars, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, sushi, and more healthy options are available. The fitness center also offers free nutrition counseling. Every year a fourth year nutrition management student volunteers their time to sit with students and talk about their eating habits. They can help you figure out what food on campus will be beneficial to your workout. This way you can avoid the freshman 15 and maybe even lose a few pounds! The fitness center also offers a fitness test for $10 where a professional will evaluate your fitness level and you will learn what areas you need to improve in. For another $10 they will create a personalized workout plan based on your results from the fitness test. I did this and it was worth every penny. The fitness center is great! You don’t realize how good we have it until you leave, so my advice, use it as much as possible!