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the fourth time is NOT a charm

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 21 May 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

i hate packing. i thought i would let you all know that. this is the fourth time i've packed to move out of something in the past year. yeah.

maybe it's a girl thing, but i have packing issues. they are similar to my cleaning issues. as i pack/clean, i go through things. i stop and look at pictures and listen to mix cds and read notebooks and greeting cards. sometimes, if i find something particularly amusing, i COMPLETELY stop what i'm doing and call a friend. luckily, that's not happening too much this time because i've only been here for part of a year. it's not like i have scrap books from tenth grade lying around like the last time i packed. 

i'm done with finals. i'm really happy about that. one of my friends just told me that in order to escape the stress of studying for exams and completing final projects, he took a drive. that would have been fine and dandy, but that drive brought him to toronto. thats a bit extreme. but hey, whatever it takes, right?

i've been playing around on ebay again. i earned a little extra money and while the responsible part of me said, "SAVE IT SO YOU CAN, YOU KNOW, EAT" the frivolous side of me said "go buy a new bag!! new baggggg!!" and well. you know which one i listened too. thursday night i had seen a nice new vera bradley bag on ebay for quite a low price (retails for $76, it was $49) and there was ten minutes left, so i was going to watch it, but i was distracted by grey's anatomy. and the bag stayed at $49, so i kicked myself a bit. but then the next morning i woke up early and got bored, went on ebay, and there's another bag with thirty minutes left at it's at $35!! and nobody had bid on it! and i got it!! woo happy dance! anywho...i'm supposed to get it today. so yay new bag for summer!! (yes yes i know i have a slight obsession)

i got a garbage plate for the first time today. it's a rochester thing. don't worry, it's not actual garbage. basically it's a big pile of meat and side dishes and condiments except it's all mixed together. usually people get mac salad, homefries, cheeseburger, with ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. henrietta hots is located close to campus and it's open really late on weekends, so i've heard of my friends going there at two in the morning. there's my bit of rochester for you. 

and now, enough procrastinating. back to packing.