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The Great Canadian Animation Tour

Kevin Mead on Wednesday, 08 October 2014. Posted in Festivals

Hey guys! I spent last weekend at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in, you guessed it, Ottwawa, Canada. HOWEVER, the road to Ottawa was a treachourous one. Our tale begins at 11am last Friday. My merry band of animators set out from RIT in a Ford Escape. We printed out directions on mapquest, which said to head East. Our GPS said to head West. And that was the last time we trusted technology over logic. Anyone who understands geography or can read a map can tell you the fastest way to get between two cities is to move in a straight line. While the road from Rochester to Ottawa is not perfectly straight, it is significantly quicker than the 12 hour roundabout journey we took through Toronto. The capstone of our journey occured in that fateful city. I've been there twice before this visit, and knew of a hotel that could give us directions. It was about 4pm at this point. We walked up to the concierge desk, and tried our best not to come off as "obviously lost". That facade died the minute we asked "How do we get to Ottawa from here?" The concierge sat back, looked up, and replied with a confused, "today?" We finally got to Ottawa Friday night at 10:30pm, and it was AMAZING. I met animators and directors from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney. I saw screenings of new animated shorts, international films, and some of the best student work out there. All of that thanks to a free pass I won from my college! The point of all this is that there are incredible opportunities to try new things at RIT. Just keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. You can start a business, travel to new cities, and if you want, go tour the country of Canada in the back of a Ford Escape.