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The Greek Connection

Alissa Anderson on Friday, 18 June 2010. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Innovation, Life After RIT, Student Life, Women at RIT

I love being recognized when I am wearing my chapter letters. Be it reorganization by campus faculty as a member of an organization that hosted a great event last week, or by a fellow Greek community member who sits next to me on the first day of class (even if we have never met…the letters create a silent connection). My favorite is when I am home for the summer and someone comment on my letters from a different university. Often itis because they too joined a sorority or fraternity over the school year; or because they recognize the letters from walking around their college campus. When this happens, I always hop on facebook and email a member of the chapteron the individual’s campus and get the 411 on Zeta life on a different campus.I am always shocked by the idea that currently there are over ten thousand women attending over 150 different universities that support my same beliefs, values, and work for the same philanthropy. This just proves that being involved in Greek life grants you the ability to make an impact on not only your community, but collectively nation-wide you are able to raise ridiculous amounts of money and make a HUGE impact on society. Some stereotype Greek life as a way to obtain 60 “intsa-friends”….. in reality it is an opportunity to networkand connect not only to the 60 current members in your chapter of choice, butthe hundreds of alum that have passed though the chapters history, and also theother Greeks on campus and nationwide.  

So much potential. Talk about six degrees of separation.