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The G.R.S. College Hockey Top 25

Matt Garver on Monday, 07 December 2009. Posted in Athletics

What 33 year old man gets pink eye?  This guy right here!  I woke up last Friday morning early for RIT open house and drove into work.  I promptly got back into my car and left work because of my contagious eye!  After stopping by my Dr.’s to get my prescription for the eye drops needed to clear this stuff out of my eye; I went home to start my quarantine for 24 hours.  My wife is a R.N. and is fully aware of my contagious eyeball and we have two little kids at home.  Thus my isolation!  Since it was a Friday there was nothing on television and I was bored.  As a result, I did a ton of thinking.  I decided that I would devise the G.R.S.  Also known as the Garver Ranking System.  This system is a mathematical system that will rank the top 25 Division I college hockey teams in the nation.  I am not going to divulge the details of my system but I will say that it is based on strength of conference and winning games.  When the NCAA realizes what a great system I have created they are welcome to ask for my formula, at a cost of course! 

Every Monday I will post my rankings, please feel free to provide me with any feedback even if you just want to tell me that you dislike my rankings! 

Division I College Hockey G.R.S. Top 25                    Points                                 1.    Miami of Ohio                                                                                94
2.    Bemidji State                                                                                  93.95
3.    Ferris State                                                                                      86
4.    Quinnipiac                                                                                       84.6
5.    Denver                                                                                              64
6.    Colorado College                                                                          64
7.    Wisconsin                                                                                        55.25
8.    Minnesota-Duluth                                                                       55.25
9.    Michigan State                                                                              52
10.  Boston College                                                                             49.9
11.  Alaska-Fairbanks                                                                          48
12.  Cornell                                                                                             46.9
13.  North Dakota                                                                                 45.35
14.  UMASS-Lowell                                                                              40.7
15.  UMASS-Amherst                                                                          40.7
16.  Yale                                                                                                   37.1
17.  Union                                                                                               37.1
18.  St. Cloud State                                                                             26.7
19.  Lake Superior State                                                                   24
20.  RIT                                                                                                    22
21.  Nebraska-Omaha                                                                       22
22.  Colgate                                                                                           17.5
23.  St. Lawrence                                                                                 17.2
24.  Michigan                                                                                        16
25.  Air Force                                                                                        14

Week of December 7th, 2009