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The Homework of Doom!

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 12 December 2006. Posted in Coursework

So all of a sudden I have massive amounts of homework that I need to get done by tomorrow, what crap is that. My IR (International Relations) class I have to read every single day and write a 2-page summary on it. I feel like I am in high school again. It’s a great class but still come on. My database HW2 I decided I should start on although it is due on Sunday. My 342 (Principles of Networking) class has a lab tomorrow that I need to prepare for and do the pre-lab, man all of this came out of now where.

The IR reading is what takes forever, Professor Meredith is a great teacher, very knowledgably and funny, my best non-major professor yet. I highly recommended him to anyone interested in taking an IR class. I feel lost a lot though in class, because he talks about all this things that have gone on, and I am like there was a war between country X and country Y? How did I miss that? Well it appears I did indeed miss that war. I look forward to learning a lot from this class.