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The ideal job on campus

Cynthia Roberts on Saturday, 22 September 2007. Posted in Student Life

If you're a typical college student (read poor) then there will come a time when you need to get a job.  You may search for off campus jobs, figuring that working at your favorite clothing store will save you some money with the discounts.  I'm not saying this is a terrible idea.  But as a college student you have to oppurtunity to get a job at pretty much any fine establishment on campus.

And these come with some serious perks.

The first being that during the school year the government is pretty nice and lets you keep most of your tax money.  This doesn't happen at any other workplace...unless you're being paid under the table...

Next, every place on campus adheres to your schedule as opposed to the other way around.  Most places require you only work in 2 hour blocks.  This will spoil you for the rest of your life.  Only having to go to work for 2 hours a day as opposed to 6-8 is kind of an amazing thing.  However, you will most likely work in larger blocks as almost everywhere on campus (except some food service establishments) require you work at least 10 hours a week. 

With that being said here are the best places to work on campus:

1. Labbie-being a computer labbie is probably the best job on campus.  You sit at the front (or back) of the computer labs and okay print jobs to go through.  As you may have guessed this is a low maintenance job.  This means you have all sorts of extra time to do your homework, surf the net etc.  Really the only thing you need to qualify for the job is working knowledge of the computers (if a students breaks you need to at least pretend like you might know how to fix it...if you can't you call ITS).

2. Admissions- There are two parts to being an Admissions Ambassador.  Actually   The first is that you have to give tours.  This is actually pretty cool.  You're the face of the school.  People look to you to see if they want to go to this school.  That's a pretty big decision.  No pressure.  Secondly, you can blog if you want.  Blogging is a great way to get paid for doing very little work.  As a college student this is something you are searching for in a job.  Lastly, you may work in the office.  This is you basic office job.  It can be boring, it can be redundant.  It can also be really very fun.  There are many student workers in the office and they are all pretty nice.  Also there is almost always free food.  As a poor college student you will welcome the pizza and bagels with open arms.  Anything to avoid another round of Ramen.

3. Java's or Beanz- These places are amazing for the simple fact that you get free coffee or smoothies.  And that is probably a huge plus if you're like me and drink coffee all day long.  They also are open later than regular office jobs (which are typically from 8:30-4:30 and only Monday thru Friday) giving you more options to spread out your work schedule.  The downside to this is that you very well may end up working on a Saturday or Sunday and no one wants that.

4. The library- The library is a pretty sweet job for the simple fact that a lot of people work there.  It's important to find a job where a lot of people are going to be otherwise you will find yourself bored silly.

Be advised there are many other great jobs on campus such as the SLC or being a notetaker (they pay you to go to class!)

The jobs you might want to avoid:

1. Food service- if you're like me (and hate cleaning a lot) food service is not the job for you.  If you want to avoid working late on a weekend or on a weekend at all, food service is not the job for you.

2. FMS- Cleaning up after the kids that live on the same floor as you or anyone in general is never fun.  (remember to respect FMS when you do live in the dorms because they can make your life pretty miserable if you're not nice to them) vaccuming at 8am outside your door on a saturday.

3. RA- there are some serious perks and serious downsides to being an RA.  The perk would be that you really get paid for doing very little (bulletien boards, rounds, being on the floor etc)  The downside is that you are essentially a parent.  If two of your "kids" have a problem you are the mediator.  Some people love being RA's but it's definetely not for everyone.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this.  When you come to campus your first week they have a job fair.  GO TO IT!!!!  The good jobs don't last long and are hard to come by at all once school starts so get out there and look early.  You can also check out the SEO (student employment office) website.  They post most jobs that are available on campus and even some off campus on this site.