The Last Winter Quarter

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Monday, 21 January 2013. Posted in Academic Calendar

Next year RIT will be switching to a semester schedule, and this is the final winter quarter any RIT student will experience. To catch up any prospective students out there, we function under a quarter system, where instead of 2 academic sessions during a school year, there are 3, with an optional summer term.

For a lot of students the winter quarter is the hardest, and that is because it falls during the holiday break, which for RIT is only two weeks. This means that we have a couple weeks of classes, and then holiday break, which means homework and assignments that are given during the vacation. It will be nice not having a holiday where I won’t have to worry about homework or getting right back into school only a couple weeks after leaving for break.

A major pro of the quarter system is that classes are only 10 weeks with one week of finals, so if there’s a class you really didn’t want to take, or a professor who just gets you down, you just have to survive a couple weeks! However, I will also be looking forward to longer classes, having 15 weeks instead of 11. A lot of times I feel as though there is more we could cover in class and of course I would love more time for papers and assignments! The new semester system will help both of these wished come true.

Overall the semester conversion will be a great improvement to college life and RIT, and It’s a change I will be looking forward to!

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  • Sarah


    23 January 2013 at 19:18 |
    I'm glad this change will happen. The change is a big check mark in the "pluses" column for RIT for me as a prospective student...I live far away and 2 weeks winter break with travel is very short. Also, I hope to study design, and I think having more weeks in the studio will allow me to more deeply explore in the classes.
    Thanks for your perspective as a current student, I was wondering how it would feel to change after being used to the other system!

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