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The List!

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 27 June 2013. Posted in Faculty, Festivals, RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life

So. Planning everything I want to do in Rochester this summer is somewhat impossible. It's not because I'm running into a lack of things to do, but rather, the opposite.

There is too much to do! Every time I think I have a handle on my top choices for the list, I find another resource or get handed more suggestions.

I'm just gonna do it. I'm making my decision. Decision made. (Bonus points if you can name that movie)

I pretty much knew going into this adventure that it wouldn't just last the summer. Summer obviously seemed more convenient of a time period to try and jam this all in. Plus, my boyfriend is living up here this summer sooo totally romantic right?

But I'd much rather actually succeed at completing my list then leaving it half finished or not including everything I want to do. Plus this leaves me time to do things that are only offered in the fall or winter. Who doesn't love lengthening an adventure?

For now my list is as follows. It has some things that I've done already (Public Market and Garbage Plate) for a few reasons: 1) for documentation purposes 2) just because I've done it, doesn't mean it doesn't deserve mentioning and being done again!

Oh and ps. The order of the list doesn't really have any meaning - just the way I jotted it down as I thought of things!

The List:

1. Visit Lake Ontario and find the secret sidewalk.

2. Go check out George Eastman's house.

3. Pay my respects to Frederick Douglass AND Susan B. Anthony at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

4. Saying hello to Susan B. Anthony doesn't have to be limited to her final resting place, her home is in Rochester too!

5. Go play at the Strong Museum of Play

6. Indulge in a Garbage Plate or a few (bonus points for different vendors of them!). I'm not ashamed.

7. Get coffee at cool coffee shops all over the area. Right now the Original Java's and Spot come to mind, but I don't just want to stop there!

8. Bike. ALL the trails. But really there are some intense and pretty cool bike trails around the area, like this one or this one. Do you know of any I should check out?

9. Explore the Subway tunnels.

10. Spend a day exploring the adorable town of Pittsford and hang out around the canal.

11. Make the trek to Corning Museum of Glass.

12. Explore the Finger Lakes and go on a wine tour at one (or all) of the Wineries.

13. Also while in the Finger Lakes, might as well take a class the New York Wine and Culinary Center.

14. And explore Watkins Glen.

15. While I'm on the topic of exploring a state park and hiking, seriously hike this summer. Check out all the different cool parks, like Letchworth, Adirondecks and maybe Stonybrook and Cobb's Hill.

16. Heck, let's get a little bit more serious about the hiking, a backpacking trip through the Finger Lakes or the Adirondacks or even both!

17. Catch a movie at the Little Theatre.

18. Then catch a just-out-of-theatres movie at Movies 10 for a couple bucks.

19. Explore the many breweries of Rochester and the local area (this is a separate list in itself. Have suggestions? Send it my way!)

20. Restaurants. All of them. Here's my current Foursquare list. There's a few non-restaurant items. Feel free to add. And I'm always adding myself too. I'll probably never ever finish this portion. Speaking of Foursquare lists, here's another one I've saved as reference and suggestion for myself! 

21. This restaurant gets its own bullet point because it is special: Go to dinner at Henry's! RIT's student run restaurant!

22. Go to the Public Market - I go all the time, but I want to go more and more regularly. Starting an herb garden this summer and they have awesome deals on them!

23. Go to a freaking festival. Even if you have to go by yourself because your roommates are too busy or actually studying for finals. (I may be a little bit about missing the Lilac Festival this summer)

24. Visit the Lamberton Conservatory, probably during winter to ward off some wintertime blues.

25. Visit Seneca Park Zoo!

26. Go to Park Ave, South Wedge and all the cool sections of the city.

27. Blast into the past at Genesee Country Village. Because I love history and am a huge nerd when it comes to anything historical so I just can't resist!

I wish I had three more to add to this list to make it even but I can't think of anymore. Trust me though, this list will be growing and changing as I add things and complete parts of the list. I can't wait to get started!

Time to finally get to know this city I've been living in for the better part of the past three years.

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