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The Most Amazing Evening

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 09 August 2007. Posted in Co-op

Yo Yo!! Hows it going everyone. So I had what some may call the coolest evening on Wednesday. I got to see a good friend of mine Drew who is also co-op'ing at McNeil and where he works (he is in a different building that is about 5 miles away). I was able to get a photo of a switch that is in use (A little tip Those two empty silver slots on the right are GBIC slots and the bottom one has a Firewire GBIC) :
The Switch

After hanging with him we went over to "Pats " which is suppose to be world famous for the philly cheese steaks and let me tell you first, they were pretty good. After Pats we headed over to Phillies Stadium for the game. A bunch of us at McNeil went, total there were around 10 of us from all over the company in many different departments. I have taken some pictures of the events, Hope you enjoy:

Field 2

Field 2


So yea those are some photos of us and in case your wondering that drink in the forefront of the last photo is of IBC Root Beer (we managed to smuggle some in). Overall it was a pretty great night hanging out with the gang and enjoying our night.
  The Dotes Kick Ass Song is pretty easy this week. I have really fallen for a good song which without further adieu: "Love and Memories " by O.A.R. Enjoy the song.