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The New Roomate Situation

Peter Dunning on Tuesday, 08 December 2009. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life

When I came to RIT I was able to come and dorm with a friend from my High School.
I thought it was super cool because then I knew I wouldn't get some weird kid who might smell funnyFoot in mouth.

Funny thing is, although we were close back home we never hung out at RIT.
It seemed as if we went our own separate ways.
Tony, being my roommate, also did not particularly like RIT.
It just wasn't for him.
So at the end of the Fall quarter he left and I got a new roommate.

I thought, crap, this kid is going to be a messy pig who smells weird and plays WOW all day.
(Not bashing WOW, it's fun. Just everything is better in moderation)

Well the fact is, I got this sweet kid named Robb who is going for Industrial Design.
He's super artsy like me and is actually really amazing to get along with.

Just goes to show you that getting a new roommate shouldn't be that scary,
you may get someone super coolLaughing.