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The Pizza Post

Kevin Mead on Thursday, 10 September 2015. Posted in Dining

If you’re like me, you like pizza. It’s not just a food for you; it’s an experience, a lifestyle. Pizza is your muse, your flame. You look at an empty pizza box like Da Vinci looked at the Mona Lisa when he finished painting it.  If you’re not like me, and you don’t like pizza, don’t ever talk to me. But for those of you with souls, get ready. I’m about to take you on a text-based tour of RIT’s popular pizzas.

Going to a free event in the campus center? Chances are you’re going to run into Salvatore’s pizza. Now Salvatore’s has its merits. It fills you up, it's got a decent taste, and since it’s served at a lot of student events it’s usually free. That being said, free food can warp the taste buds. I tried ordering Salvatore’s for dinner and it didn’t measure up to the slices I ate when I paid nothing for it. Prognosis: If it’s free, it’s your friend.

Next up is a chain we’re all familiar with, Papa John's. Now I bring up Papa Juan because one of the engineering clubs sells it in Gleason Hall almost every day, so chances are you’ll be exposed to it. Papa John’s isn’t half bad. It’s sold pretty cheap, and the taste is consistent wherever you get it. But heed this warning. Don’t walk down the quarter mile with your pizza. The wind-tunnel effect will completely cool the slices so it loses that warm goodness we crave. Prognosis: Eat it indoors!

Finally we come to the cornerstone, the Mecca of pizza in Rochester: Ken’s Pizza Corner. Ken’s pizza has it all: A rich, doughy crust with a warm center, magmatic cheese that blends well with the herb-filled sauce, and a zest that I have yet to find elsewhere in Rochester. Ken’s Pizza is a wee bit more expensive than your typical chain, but believe me it’s worth the money.

I hope this helps all new students in their search for the perfect pizza. Rochester has a lot of slices to offer. Get out there and eat ‘em.