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The Post Excitement of Co-op

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 18 May 2007. Posted in Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

So now that the joy has worn off the difficult choices have come into play. Where am i going to live? How much should my limit be for housing? Who am i going to live with? Those are just some of the tough decision thats must be made. Another issue is paperwork that i have to fill out in order to work for the company and to register my co-op all of this information that I need is scattered across many forms and many e-mails so compiling it which is important not just for paperwork but for my own knowledge is taking quite a bit of time.
    Also finals are coming up, i already had one of them and one practical yesterday, i hope i did well on my final and i know i did great on my practical for 515 (Routing and Switching). Well its time to start on my sitebook for 421 (Sys Admin 1) (the sitebook is essentially a manual and guide to the network and servers i setup for the whole quarter)