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The Pre-Orientation Experience

Andrea Shaver on Thursday, 02 June 2016. Posted in Orientation


One option you have is to come to RIT a few days before everyone else and participate in an exclusive Pre-Orientation program. These programs range from Whitewater Kayaking trips to special adventures around the city of Rochester. You can find more detailed information on each of the trips here:
I personally participated in the Orange and Brown Experience (OBE). As someone who had never really had a chance to explore the campus before, I loved having an opportunity to learn some basic ASL, find the hidden secret passages in the tunnels, network with current student leaders, and learn about RIT’s rich history. I met my best friend during OBE, and we are still roommates! These people you meet at Pre-Orientation really will make an impact on your experience at RIT. 


IMG 9703

My Pre-Orientation group in downtown Rochester.


A few of the other programs offered during Pre-Orientation:
  • Canoe Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Rock Climbing, and Whitewater Kayaking All of these are options for classes that are small group trips to hike at Letchworth State Park, kayak down the Genesee River, and try rock climbing at RIT’s very own Red Barn climbing gym! These sections are smaller and usually fill up quickly!
  • Branding Your Story This is your chance to network and explore local Rochester businesses. Learn skills to empower yourself while at RIT!
  • DiscoveRochester Explore the Rochester community, support local business, and try hands-on activities! Visit the Memorial Art Gallery, Strong Museum of Play, the Rochester Museum & Science Center and its planetarium show, and different restaurants!
  • Bike Maintenance Boot Camp Learn how to take care of your bike at RIT’s own bike repair shop, while bonding with other incoming bike lovers.
  • Gearing Up for Success Is a program recommended for students who are enrolled in the Spectrum Support Program, but is also available to all incoming students. It’s a program that provides extra time and support to help you adjust to life on campus, including walking your class schedule, learning how to use the tunnels, and more!
  • Sustainability in Action Is a program to introduce students to sustainability at RIT and the Greater Rochester community. Learn about recycling, local food systems, renewable energy initiatives, and sustainment development in general. 
  • Western NY Bike Adventure A guided bike tour from RIT to Niagara Falls and back along a 180-mile round trip that takes you along the historic Erie Canal, quaint villages, and farmlands. 


There are tons of different opportunities to get involved in a Pre-Orientation program. A few other perks: moving in before the crowd, meeting a great group of future RIT students, and giving yourself a little more time to adjust. It’s totally worth it. Again, you can read about all of the Pre-Orientation programs in detail here: