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the pros and cons of living in an apartment

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 13 September 2006. Posted in Residence Life

as i was leaving for class today, i realized the best part of having an apartment. i had made myself lunch before i went to class. and not made as in put stuff in a tupperware and then threw it in the microwave. no, i'm talking made as in pots and pans and ovens and plates made. it was wonderful.

the satisfaction of living in an apartment quickly went away when i got to the bus stop only to see the bus pulling away. again. [sidenote: dear mom, i need a car. please. kthnxbye.] then, once i got to school, our professor semi cancelled class because nobody was prepared to shoot. he was not happy. i was not happy. insert another phone call to the parents begging for a car. so then i wandered back to the dorms to hang out with my friends that still live there and we debated the pros and cons of having an apartment vs. a dorm. [apartment still wins, hands down]


-cooking. i can actually COOK. my roomates can cook. when my mom comes to visit [which you all know is way too often for somebody who lives six hours away] and she cooks. in the two and a half weeks here highlights include: cupcakes, baked ziti, quiche, chicken cassarole, PASTAAAA, real mac and cheese, and perogies.

- space. i have a basement and it's wonderful. instead of having all my stuff crammed up in my room it now has more appropriate places like the dishes in the kitchen and the tv & stuff in the living room. did i mention that basement?? its perfect for all the things i brought up thinking i would use and then never did.

-our own bathroom. i don't have to carry a bucket to the shower and back. I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS IN THE SHOWER. complete liberation.

- a yard. our apartment backs up onto a courtyard which is nice cause one second you're in the living room, the next second you're outside. no more waiting for elevators or having to swipe 5000 times to get anywhere.

- school and home become seperate. in the morning i go to school and at the end of the day i come back. it is so much better.

- privacy. i guess part of this can go up there with space. we're not constantly on top of each other anymore. no more doing art projects in the hallway or in the lounge. also, there are no more random weird people wandering through our halls, or worse, into our room. we have a front door and it has a lock and most people realize it's polite to knock.


- if you don't have a car, you have to depend on the bus.

- if you have a break between classes that's only one or two hours it might not be worth going home.

- if you're bored, you can't just wander down the hall and find somebody else to be bored with.

- there's no cleaning person for our bathroom and kitchen.

- there's less random happenings.

so obviously living in the apartments wins unless you don't have a car. like me. BUT i have friends in the dorms so i spend a lot of time here. and friends with cars.
oh - and to comment on a previous post i made about amazing jobs, i'm sitting in my friends room making this blog entry while he does homework. and my friends are amazed at the fact that i am getting paid to do this. WORK AT ADMISSIONS. IT ROCKS.