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The Reporter: Past & Present

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 12 October 2010. Posted in Clubs

The Reporter is RIT’s entirely student run magazine. It’s the only full-color weekly college magazine in the nation. 6,000 copies come out every Friday morning and are available for all students in almost every building around campus. I’ve made it a habit since freshman year of always picking one up on the way to work or wandering around campus on a Friday (I've almost never had Friday classes!).

In the process of looking up some information about it, I stumbled upon the January 1969 magazine cover! [source here]

And some staff photos of the 1966 Reporter team.


And even a snapshot of the 1968 issue which covered Martin Luther King Jr’s funeral. Pretty wild to think about the magazine that we pick up every Friday covering important topics like that. 


Fast forward to today and some of the most recent articles included a first person account of [Humans vs Zombies] week, the role of [technology] in our lives, and what is new with [Global Village].

Other Reporter issues have covered things like the success of the RIT men’s hockey team during the [frozen four ] & last season (okay, so i haven’t blogged about hockey in a while just had to throw that in there).

Some cool issues of note was the one on [Food] complete with a cover that smelled like fries. The [Orientation issue] from 2 years ago is significant because that was the first one that I read!

In addition to topics directly related to campus life, the Reporter also covers everything from events going on around campus and in Rochester to restaurant reviews and the best gas prices around town! -- I should probably take advantage of that fact now that I actually have a car on campus.

One of the most popular aspects of the magazine is the RIT Rings section in the back. It’s a page featured in every issue that includes snippets from voicemails or texts that students have sent in. Pretty funny to read sometimes.

Alumni-- Are there any specific articles that you remember reading in the Reporter?

If you’re on campus sometime, you should look around and pick one up! (For those of you not close to campus, you can check out their website every Friday to read the articles.)