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The Story of 140 21st Birthday Balloons

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 28 March 2006.

So my roomie, Andy, turned 21 this past weekend. So first, we tried to lock him in the shower the night of his bday:

Then while he was out celebrating, we filled 140 balloons with bird seed, flour or water... so when they pop Andy gets a birthday surprise! haha

His door looks so innocent!

The next morning the ballons migrated into our bathroom area.

There was so room to walk or even close the bathroom door. There were balloons in the sink and all over the apartment. So we decided to push pin them all up to the ceiling.

Now our side of the apt. is really colorful. We didn;t know what else to do with the balloons... they can't be on the floor and they cant be in our bathroom, and they really can't be popped... sooo I guess we're going to let them deflate over time. :-P So come over and hang out, we're ready for a party 24/7!