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The taste of Spring

Arthur Johnston on Sunday, 29 April 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

So this weekend RIT crew did not have a race anywhere.  Next week we go to the NY state championships so this weekend we have off.  Having a weekend off just means are coach can push us that much harder on Friday and Saturday.  Still after Saturday practice I got home at around noon and decided to do some work on a paper, I had some journal articles I needed to read.  So I made myself lunch, ate it and around 1:30 I sat down to read through them. 
        Six hours later I woke up, so pretty much nothing got done Saturday.  Today was a little bit different.  I actually woke up at a decent hour and did a bit of work, went out to lunch did some more work and went for a run.  Now the observant of you may have noticed that this post was titled "The taste of Spring".  This is not because I went out for lunch.  This is because due to recent rain storms we have had parts of the trail I went running on had nearby ditches flood.  For those of you who have never ran next to stagnant water just imagine running into a cloud of mosquitoes.  Luckily none of them seem to have bitten me, sadly I seemed to have bitten some of them.  So my advice to you is if you are running through an area of stagnant water, learn to  breathe through your nose.