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The Trips to Stores

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 09 December 2006.

So today after work the “G Men” and I went out to a number of stores to get supplies for my car. Some of them were a CD Changer Harness for my new head unit, a switch to turn on my computer without pressing the button, another windshield wiper but this time for the back window and wires to run to the power supply. It was good to be able to do get all the parts we needed now so we do not have to do it when we need them.

We saw Casino Royale tonight; I had already seen it but elected to see it again with the “G Men” because they wanted to see it. Man I love that movie, hate the actor Daniel Craig (He just seems to old) I love the cars and the cell phones. I want the phone Bond had; I have wanted it since summer before I knew it was the phone they were using. The phone is the Sony Ericson K790a/K800i. One is US version one is international version, but have same features.

Database HW1 was pretty easy, it was just install mySQL and then run like 5 commands. The class is going to pickup and its going to pick up fast I think. Looking forward to it though, it seems really cool