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The Village

Alissa Anderson on Friday, 05 February 2010. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life, Study Abroad

Check this out: Students helping in the creation of Global Village

Global Village is one of the newest construction projects on campus.  The Village will feature apartment living for upper level students (second year and above), and will be located on the academic side of campus. In addition to living spaces, the Village will also be home to a market place, vendors, and an outdoor convertible fireplace-ice rink.  The motivation for the new complex is to bring an international influence onto the campus to promote global awareness. 

Currently the apartments are in the process of decoration design. According to recent reports every apartment in the village will represent a different global location (though furniture, decorations, etc). Right now the Global Village committee is looking for student input and aid in decorations. They are looking for students to submit original photos from overseas locations that can be used as decoration. [Check out for more information]

I am really excited to see Global Village come to fruition. The student population is ready for a change and new material. Everyone is ready for new eateries and living options.  I am an individual who loves living in the residence halls because of their convenience: they are close to the gym, academic buildings, etc. In addition, because I live on a Greek floor I have access to a full kitchen – where I can cook my own meals instead of heading to Gracies. For me the residence halls have been the best of both worlds, but I am ready for a change of scenery and new roommates. I think Global Village is going to be an awesome compromise for my living preferences. The complex will have its own gym, it is located even closer to the academic buildings, and has the meal plan/kitchen option.  It will be exciting to see the grand opening in the fall and see how students like it!


Check out the preliminary photos for the project: