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The Wonderful World of Me

Josh Vickerson on Thursday, 18 October 2012. Posted in Student Life

It's fascinating, being me. No really, it is. I don't say this out of arrogance. I simply say this to cast upon you, my avid reader, an intense sense of doubtful intrigue. "Why is it fascinating to be you?" you may ask. An excellent question!

First, the boring stuff. My name is Josh Vickerson, a second year student here at RIT. My freshman year was spent studying Computer Science, a major I selected due to my sincere affection for computers and their mobile bretheren. By the end of the year, CS just didn't feel right for me. As of this fall, I've become an Information Technology major. While I won't ramble about the particular differences between them (a post-worthy topic all its own), just know that I'm looking to become a web developer.

I've come to RIT all the way from the small town of New Glocuester, ME. There, I lived a relatively boring life. When I wasn't at school, I was busy being a cashier at Walmart, running for the school's track team, or preparing for the next big math meet. Yes, math team, I know...

Since becoming an RIT student, I think my life has become much more interesting. In need of work last year, I started looking for employment on campus. Before long, I landed a job with ITS Resnet, the organization on campus that provides free technical support and service to students, faculty and staff. Shortly after that, I also became a student ambassador for the Computer Science department where I provided tours and information of/about the third floor of GCCIS.

This past summer, I spent eight incredible weeks at Princeton University (home of the not-as-cool-as-RIT Tigers). There I worked for iD Tech Camps as an instructor. I taught children ages 8-13 principles of video game design using software called Multimedia Fusion 2. I worked with two other current RIT students, as well as two recent graduates and someone who just transferred to RIT this fall! It was an incredible experience.

This year, I moved back to RIT early and began my training as an Orientation Assistant, which I plan on doing again next fall. This, too, was a valuable experience. This year I've also taken on the roll of being a peer mentor for the freshmen enrichment courses. My group has largely ignored me reaching out to them, but I'm there for them just the same.

When I'm not working or attending class I'm most likely to be found attached to my computer (I spend far too much time on Twitter and Facebook). If I'm not social networking it up, I'm either practicing my DJing (really just a mild hobby at this point), listening to music, reading, writing, or simply playing around with something online.

Now that all that introduction stuff is done and out of the way, I can begin preparing the more valuable topics to blog about. I haven't yet decided what my primary topic will be, but I can assure you it will be all kinds of exciting. After all, this is about RIT and I'm a fascinating RIT student.

Stay tuned, because I'm officially welcoming you to the wonderful world of me.

 Josh Vickerson is a volunteer blogger for RIT admissions. For more of Josh's thoughts, visit his personal blog.