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The Wonders of Letchworth

Jeff Maher on Monday, 18 September 2006. Posted in Clubs, Rochester & Monroe County

In high school, I was but a mere computer geek. I went to school, did some clubs after school, and spent nearly every remaining minute surfing the web. I got out so little that it's amazing that I had any pigment in my skin. Despite this existence, I always wanted to travel, see the world, and especially experience nature. I really never had the means, at the time, to explore these ambitions and, to boot, I barely knew had set up a tent much less survive in nature. Nevertheless, this all changed on that fateful day when I saw a flyer for the Outing Club. Five years later, I've gone on a handful of trips, learned a ton about being outdoors, and seen some truly breathtaking places. One of these places is Letchworth State Park.

Known to many as the "Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth lies south of Rochester along the Genesee River. Filled with huge gorges, stunning waterfalls, and plenty hiking trails, Letchworth is easily one of the prettiest places in New York state. It's no wonder that it's become an Outing Club tradition to take our first trip there every fall. Leaving campus mid to late morning, the club embarks on a day hike through half of the park - traversing the trail between Middle and Upper Falls, we spend a day enjoy the sights, sounds, and company of fellow nature lovers.

This past Saturday was my third time leading the trip and I have to say that this time was the most fun. Since we've advertised the Outing Club a little less than in past years, we had a smaller group for the hike. Sometimes the more the merrier is true, but it's also nice to have smaller group so that everyone has a better chance to get to know one and other - which was the case this weekend. Not only this, but we explored some new areas of the park that turned out to be amazing spots.

Here are some pictures of the trip for your viewing pleasure...

Left to right: Kristy, Andrew, Baxter, Mike, Dave, Jeff (Me), Sam, Zac, Lauren, Eric, Curtis
(Thanks to Sam for the group photo)

View from high up along the trail

Upper falls and the railroad support beams