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Theatre Arts at RIT

Daniel Zhou on Monday, 09 February 2015. Posted in Clubs

RIT offers a lot of opportunities for students interested in participating in plays or musicals. I know that a lot of my friends have gone straight from performing in theatre productions in high school to productions here at RIT. There are three different organizations on campus that organize auditions for plays and musicals on campus: the RIT Players, NTID, and COLA. The RIT Players is a student run theatre club on campus that produces a play and musical every academic year. I am currently a member of the RIT Players, and it’s been such a rewarding experience. Everybody in the club is very friendly - new people are always welcome to join and special workshops are set up after weekly meetings for members in the club to learn something new or hone their skills. Besides the play and musical, multiple smaller shows such as the 24 Hour Show and the Variety Show are put on to give everybody in the club and non-members the chance to act. This spring, RIT Players will be producing Clue, a play adapted from the 1985 film. COLA, also known as the College of Liberal Arts, produces at least one play every academic year. COLA’s play How I Learned to Drive is opening the second week of the semester, and I am extremely excited for it. This will be the first play I will ever be in, after being a theatre tech for close to seven years now. COLA also offers multiple classes in acting if you would like to learn how to act. NTID, also known as the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, is one of the nine colleges of RIT. NTID Performing Arts collaborates with COLA for COLA’s shows so that deaf and hard of hearing students can also enjoy the show. They provide interpreters to sign as the show is running, which is amazing to see. All shows put on by NTID Performing Arts are interpreted as well. This spring, NTID will be producing Hairspray, one of my all time favorite musicals. Stay tuned, as this will be just one of many posts about theatre and performing arts here at RIT!