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theLoop - Social Directory for RIT

Emily Okey on Sunday, 15 April 2012. Posted in Student Life

My latest post was one on the importance of networking both on and off campus for future jobs. Now there is an easy way for you to connect with other Accepted Student who will be attending RIT in the fall. (And its name is not Facebook.)

Introducing... theLoop!

The loop is (as it says above) a new RIT Social Directory just for accepted students! 

So why should you join? 

The biggest plus of theLoop is the search-ability of it. You're able to target searches by major, hometown, interests, etc. Through the use of hashtags or saved searches you can easily customize it to what you're looking for. It's just for RIT students which means you're going to be connecting with people who will be on campus next year. If you click on your major (or do a search for it) theLoop will show you all of the other people on it that are in your same major so you can find out who will be in your classes before you even get here. 

Below is a screenshot of what it looks like right now. On the left-hand side you can see the saved searches for #roommates and #housing because those are huge questions people are curious about right now! If you're looking for an answer to something, add the hashtag #askRIT and one of us might be able to answer your question.

Because it is a closed network, you don't have to be friends with someone to answer their questions or see their posts. But if you get distracted by a constantly updating feed, just change the preference to "People I Follow" and things should get a little more manageable. 
Ultimately, this would be a network that would be used throughout your 4 years at RIT. Whether it's connecting with people in your orientation group in August, finding a roommate, looking for people in your classes or looking for a ride home with someone from your hometown, it has potential.

The site is also still in beta (launched on Friday just in time for the 2nd Accepted Student Open House) so we're looking for your feedback! Wish theLoop did something that's not currently available? Let us know or click on the feedback tab on the left-hand side within the site to leave your suggestions.

Be sure to sign up today, there are already some discussions happening on it. If you're having trouble connecting to it (please note, this is currently only available to recently accepted RIT students) let us know!