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There's a Bear! Where? Here!

Jacob Sachs on Friday, 15 October 2010.

As I got up this morning and checked my Facebook as I usually do, I came across the news that there was a bear spotted on the RIT campus, near the residence halls. I didn't believe it at first, but then I saw for myself on the residential side that there were a number of police officers with tranquilizers ready to go.

It was true, a bear was here. What better of a day for this to happen than the beginning of Brick City Homecoming weekend, as many parents and alumni are visiting. It is good to know that these situations are always kept under control as RIT is a very safe place to go to school.

The bear did get close to the residential halls as you can see below, but it was taken care of safely by police.


ABC WHAM 13 has already released a story on the bear sighting:

UMass Lowell's mascot is not a bear, its a Riverhawk, so it was not a source of intimidation from their hockey team.

I feel that the bear sighting can only mean a big weekend ahead on the RIT campus!