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There's a First Time for Everything.

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 02 January 2008.

It is definitely blog time. In the past month, I've had the opportunity to try out some "cold weather" sports for the first time. On December 7th, ResLife and RHA held Chocolate on Ice in the Ritter Ice Arena. I went with a group of friends and decided to try and ice skate for the first time. Like most people, I was very cautious at first and skated slowly. But after a while I got the hang of it and I was skating like a pro! lol. I had a lot of fun ice skating and it's definitely something I will be doing again. Plus it was free admission and free skate rentals if you brought a canned good!

I also tried out skiing for the first time this past weekend! My friend Kara's family owns a house about 10 minutes from Cranmore Ski Resort. On Saturday, we rented ski gear from a local ski shop. It was only 12 dollars a day to rent skis, boots, and poles! We woke up pretty early to go pick them up and then headed back to the house for breakfast. The ski resort has a special deal that if you buy a pass after 2 o'clock on any day, you get to ski the next day for free! To make the deal even better, they are open late on Saturdays.

When we got to the mountain, we bought our lift tickets and then headed up the mountain. We all started on the beginner trail. At first I had a real difficult time since it was my first time skiing and I didn't have the basics down. After a while though I was doing pretty good on the beginner trail. That trail isn't lit up though so when it got dark out we needed to move to a more difficult trail. I had a real hard time on the more difficult trail since I didn't really have turning down all that well. Let's just say I had some pretty embarassing falls...

Map of Cranmore [the easy trail we took is on the right]

On Sunday, the beginner trail was open again so I continued back on that trail lol. This time, however, we started at a higher point on the trail. The slope at the top of the mountain (like, the first 300 feet) was very big but after that the trail was very easy. After skiing for about five hours my legs were extremely tired so we decided to call it quits. I did have an amazing time though and I can definitely see myself skiing sometime in the near future!