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thirteen days

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 15 August 2006. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

reasons why i am excited to go back to rochester:

- my own townhouse
- china gate
- my roommates
- the friends i didn't see at all during summer
- the friends i didn't see enough of during summer
- two of my neighbors and five kids from last year's floor are living on the same floor
- and my best friend is the RA
- freedom
- my own room in said townhouse
- delivery
- walmart's open 24/7
- bdubs
- the gym [which i'm going to try and use this year]
- photo house
- after hour benefits
- when there's food at admissions
- doing runs to golisano in nice weather
- wraps from sols
- pasta toss at commons
- crossroad's hawaiian pizza
- SAU cafe
- food in general
- helping my friends spend their debit at the end of the quarter
- HOCKEY!!!!!!!
- concerts for cheap
- making sentinel jokes
- making brick jokes
- finding places handing out food on campus
- new student ids woooo.