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This weekend

Arthur Johnston on Thursday, 12 October 2006. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

The first question people ask me when they hear I go to RIT is, “Don't you get sick of the dreary cold.” First of all if you are from any part of the north east the cold here isn't to bad. Secondly yesterday I got sunburnt. In the middle of October. In Rochester. So when people ask me, “Don't you get sick of the dreary cold.” I usually just laugh it off.

I'm from New Jersey originally so the cold in Rochester never really bothered me, neither did the snow. The only thing that I had to get used to was the wearing a wind breaker. Rochester is a fairly windy city so I had to get a windbreaker. Besides that I was pretty prepped for the the weather. Obviously this weekend I was not prepped and didn't believe that it would be a sunny day. So I went out with no suntan lotion and wearing very little. This led me to first getting a tan and then getting a burn.