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Through The Eyes Of An Instagrammer: Life as a First Year Student

Emma Rogers on Tuesday, 02 July 2013. Posted in Student Life

If you haven't learned already, you will learn it quick. It is near to impossible to find yourself twiddling your thumbs at RIT. Each weekend and throughout each week at campus you will keep yourself amused and occupied with free movies, concerts, speakers, seasonal festivals, performances, hockey games, dances, seminars and workshops, not to mention Mud Tug, Imagine RIT, and events hosted by Residence Life. Plus, the more you engage with the RIT community and join clubs and organizations the busier and happier you will ultimately be.

But of course there are those moments of walking to class, or sitting in the laundry room waiting for your clothes to dry. Even at those times I often would find myself smiling and pulling out my iPhone from my pocket to take an instagram photo. Because yes, I found it necessary to remember that one time in the middle of March when I ordered a green tea from Javas.

So in case you were wondering what those mundane days of RIT are like, you've come to the right place. But hold up- "mundane days"? Contrary to what some may expect, they don't exist at this school! It is always possible to find joy even when the pep band isn't playing or the sun isn't shining.

The following photos are only from one perspective and what caught one pair of eyes during the 2012-2013 school year. But I hope that if anything it will interest all of you who are looking to attend our institute, or for those who are preparing for one of the biggest and best changes they will soon go through. 

Here it is, the everyday moments from a life at Rochester Institute of Technology- starting with the first official steps taken down the quarter mile as a Tiger. 



Move in day!


IMG 4258 

My dorm room in Kate Gleason Hall


IMG 4290 

People watching near the Sentinel


IMG 4410 

The fun here goes without saying


IMG 4457 

Javas at the Wallace Library


Autumn days at RIT are some of my favorite days


IMG 4624 

Near the Gleason Circle



Residence hall pumpkin picking event



Trips to Bytes for candy would keep me working through the night



Golisano Institute for Sustainability



Global Village



Prepare to bring your winter boots prior to coming to RIT!



The College of Computing and Information Sciences



A winter evening outside of Grace Watson Hall




Global Village dressed up in Christmas spirit




My floor LOVED to have snowball fights in the quad



That time I was organized




Freezefest Giveaways



2013 Career Fair



Rainy day, instagramming from the 4th floor of the library




My new dorm room in Ellingson for spring quarter as a RA!




Spring is officially upon us


The Greek Lawn



The Zen Garden, also shown below



Zen Garden, outside of Gannett



Colorful people



 I love my bike, and of course RIT



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