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Time Warp

Josh Kramer on Monday, 12 April 2010.

Do you ever get the felling that time is playing tricks with you? When you get to Spring Quarter, it's the first day of classes one day, and your are taking midterms the next. One day it feels like the quarter is whizzing by, the next it couldn't go by fast enough.

Most of Spring Quarter has gone rushing by in a blur of school, Admissions tours and open houses, running, juggling, quidditch, and resumes. It wasn't until last week when I really started feeling the stress of the quarter building up on me.

I won't be out of the woods until the beginning of next week, so it is imprtoant to stay focused and get things done. Here are some tips to stay productive and not get bogged down in college.

  1. Don't let it get to you. This is my most important strategy in staying focused and getting things done. If you are stressed you can't be as efficient as you could me. Stress drains you of energy and clouds your thoughts. If you can just take some deep breaths and tell yourself "I'm going to get through it", then you will.
  2. Take a break. This helps accomplish the first tip. If you keep moving around and can't take a breath, you will lose steam. Take deep breaths whenever you can, be it in a class, while doing homework, or anywhere you can't go any faster. Soak up the rest, even if it is only for 7 seconds.
  3. Make a to-do list. Some people say they don't need them, but most people could benefit from one. If you know what you need to do when and how long it will take you are better prepared to get everything done on time. For me, a planner didn't work, but since I keep my phone with me and check it 15 times an hour, it is the perfect place for me to keep a list. It took me a while to get my system worked out, and it's all about trial and error.
  4. Ask for extensions. If you plan ahead and know you will be strained for time, many professors are happy to push back a deadline for you if you are upfront about it and don't wait until the last day an assignment is due. Only use this when you need to or professors will start wondering how much you actually need them.
  5. Don't sacrifice the fun. This goes in with number 2. If you go to the gyn every Tuesday at 6, don't skip it unless you have to. The exercise can clear your mind. Even if you play a video game with your best friend from high school every Wednesday, try to find time to do it even for 15 minutes. It will give you a much needed rest.
Hopefully this can help you get some of the stress out of your life. If not, writing it has definitely made me feel less stressed about the week to come.  Good luck on your week everyone, and see you on the other side!