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Tips for Affording College

Alissa Anderson on Sunday, 11 July 2010. Posted in Student Life

One of the biggest fears students have during the college search is the bill – will I be able to afford the school of my dreams? As a triplet, my parents have a bill three times the size of normal families… so my siblings and I have figured out some key hints to saving money in college:

1.     Apply for Financial Aid – RIT has an Office of Financial Aid conveniently located across the hall from the Admissions office. During the application process students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA and apply for a financial aid package. Normally the school will issue grants, scholarships, and work study to students to help lower the cost of attending RIT.

2.    Get a job on campus! Mom and Dad cannot pay for tuition, room, board, AND you allowance… so help them out and work part time on campus to earn your own spending money. Jobs can be found in virtually every building on campus, some student’s even work off campus (Jefferson Road is full of local businesses and restaurants). The most popular jobs on campus are working in a lab (you can do your homework while you work); become a Teachers Assistant (TA) and grade papers; work at the gym; give tours in the admissions office; or work at one of the many food eateries on campus.

3.    Apply to be an RA. Similar the hint about getting a job on campus… becoming an RA will help both you and your parents. In addition to building serious leadership skills you also reap the benefits ofhaving the school pay for your meals and part of your board as well! That’s what my sister and I did last year and so worth it. However the RA positions are slim to come by and have an intense application processes so don’t but all your eggs in one basket. Similar to the RA position is applying to be an Orientation Assistant.

4.    Apply for scholarships! Your high school guidanceoffice probably has a list of local scholarships you can apply for. In addition, the Internet is FULL of unique scholarships (do you have red hair? Are you a twin? Do you have any unique skills?).

Check out this scholarship: Duck brand duct-tape hosts a Stuck at Prom Contest, giving the top couple who creates their prom outfit out of duct-tape a scholarship! {youtube}q4DOf39rRgI{/youtube}



Here is a Howcast with a few more suggetions! {youtube}8lgGnS-9FBY{/youtube}