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To Procrastinate or not?

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 19 April 2007. Posted in Clubs

So yea… I just want to relax and do nothing hard or complicated this weekend at all. Enjoying life is what I would love to do this weekend. The problem with that is if I do, do what I want I will need to spend a lot of time next week playing catch up. I guess that is the paradox of life.

            I am doing much better than yesterday I am calm and relaxed. This morning was so nice I slept in till 10:30!! I know its amazing I haven’t slept in for months, always getting up at the latest by 9. One thing that I am doing is attending the NSSA town hall meeting it is a quarterly meeting for the department with pizza and professors, we talk about issues with scheduling questions and have fun. I am definitely looking forward to tonight's meeting. Afterwards I am going to be finishing up my Sys Admin 1 lab with NFS. That will be hard.. but I swear its the only thing I am going to do this weekend.